Capitalise on old unworn jewellery by selling it for cash. You receive the value of the precious metals and stones, which are then recycled.

Selling jewellery for cash is a quick and easy way of realizing assets that are often being under-used. If you have any gold or diamond jewellery that you no longer wear, or pieces that are no longer in fashion we will buy them for the current value of the gold and stones. Because we assess value by the materials themselves, we will also buy jewellery that is imperfect or broken – perhaps you only have one of a pair of diamond earrings, or the clasp of a gold necklace is broken.

This is a great way of recycling these valuable materials so that they don’t go to waste. You get cash for gold and diamonds, and they will be remanufactured into jewellery and enjoyed all over again.

Bring the jewellery you want to sell to our secure Cape Town business premises for a confidential valuation and immediate sale, or contact us for more information on selling jewellery for instant cash.