Get the best price for your diamonds, which are accurately valued by our expert diamond appraisers at our secure premises.

If you have loose diamonds or diamond jewellery to sell, it is as good as having cash in your pocket. Diamonds are assets that retain their value and are easy to sell for cash when you need to. We buy and sell diamonds for cash on a regular basis and our expert diamond appraisers make quick and accurate valuations on the spot. Because we sell to and from diamond wholesalers, we always have a market for the stones that we buy and offer excellent prices.

Simply bring your diamond jewellery to our comfortable and secure business premises in Cape Town. No appointment is needed. Our expert diamond graders are qualified and are registered by the EGL (European Gemological Laboratory). One of them will examine your diamonds in front of you, in a private cubicle under controlled lighting conditions, if necessary using comparisons to ‘master diamonds’ and to give you the most accurate valuation possible. The value will be based on the resale value of the primary materials, the gold and the diamonds. Once you accept the valuation, the sale can be processed immediately.