Secured personal loans are a very convenient way of raising money to cover short term cashflow problems. In secured loans money is lent with the security of a specific piece of property. Banks will generally secure loans against real estate property. Here at Gold ‘n Stones our business is gold and diamond jewellery. We offer secured personal loans using your valuable jewellery as collateral.

The advantage of choosing a secured personal loan, instead of selling your jewellery, is that you don’t lose items that have sentimental value, they still belong to you. If you sold a jewellery item second-hand and then tried to replace it later, you would have to spend two or three times the amount you sold it for to buy a similar piece new. With a secured personal loan you only pay the agreed finance fees over the duration of the loan.

There is no need for an appointment. Simply bring your gold jewellery to our secure business premises in Cape Town and we will provide a confidential valuation for an immediate loan on the spot.


  1. You bring your gold or diamonds to our secure business premises, where it will be valued in front of you by one of expert appraisers. No appointment is needed. The value is established by the worth of the primary materials at current gold and diamond prices.
  2. A contract detailing service fees and interest is drawn up and a detailed receipt made out.
  3. The items are placed in a secure envelope, sealed and safely stored within a modern safe in our secure strong room . For the duration of the loan the envelope remains sealed and nobody can view or tamper with your valuables.
  4. You receive the receipt and immediate cash payment of the loan amount.
  5. At the end of 30 days you can choose one of two options:
  6. Collect your items by paying back the loan plus agreed finance fees.
  7. Extend the duration of the loan for another 30 days by paying only the finance fees for that month. As long as the finance fees are paid every month the loan can be extended as long as you want and the jewellerystill belongs to you.

Our interest and charges are calculated according to the guidelines of the NCR (National Credit Regulators).