Important information

Valuations in Full View
A reputable company will conduct all valuation operations in front of the customer so that valuable jewellery is kept in full view of the customer at all times. We have private cubicles set up with the correct lighting and tools for appraising diamonds. Avoid dealers who want to take jewellery out of the room or send it elsewhere for valuation.

Valuations at Home
Avoid companies that offer to make valuations of gold and jewellery at your home. Not only can this be a huge security risk, but they will not have the proper tools and machinery to make accurate valuations. Diamonds in particular cannot be accurately valued except under very controlled light conditions. It is far safer to take your gold and diamonds to the secure premises of a reputable dealer where there are expert diamond appraisers who give accurate valuations on the spot.

Make sure that the company you deal with is properly registered. Any business dealing in second-hand goods should have a second-hand licence and keep a register of second-hand goods. Look for businesses that are VAT registered as these are more likely to be established, reputable businesses that will give you the best price for your valuables.

The Value of Gold and Diamonds
Remember that while the second-hand value of gold jewellery is considerably less that it cost when new, the value of gold and diamonds can rise. So, a piece that was valued second-hand at R1000 ten years ago could be worth two or three times that today.